Published joostvanveen/laravel-litespeedcache on Packagist

I created a Laravel wrapper package for my recently published, very versatile joostvanveen/litespeedcache package. You can find it at

In short, it does the following: 

  • Register a facade Litespeedcache (which can easibly be disabled in config)
  • Set default config values for Litespeed Cache, such as enabled, type, liftetime URIs that should not be cached and query strings that should not be cached.
  • Inject a middelware that will cache all URLs except cli, ajax andd http verbs other than GET and HEAD
  • You can also disable the packages middleware and create your own.

Of course, you can use all methods from \Joostvanveen\Litespeedcache\Cache, see for documentation.


To install, simply require the package using composer:

composer require joostvanveen/laravel-litespeedcache

You can find the package and full documentation here:

Framework agnostic Litespeed Cache

If you wish to use Litespeed Cache outside of Laravel check out this framework agnostic