Laravel logcleaner keeps your logs small and tidy

Do your laravel logs fill up a lot of space on your server? Does the cumulated log file get so large it influences your performance? Does your app have so many daily logs you would almost want to completely clear logs or disable logging altogether? No worries! 

The accentinteractive/logcleaner package keeps your logs small and tidy. I install it in every project. It saves me a ton of housekeeping and keeps my apps fast.

  • The accentinteractive/logcleaner package automatically truncates large logs via cron. You can specify how many lines should be kept unaltered, so you do not loose valuable information.
  • It automatically deletes old logs via cron. You can specify how many log files to keep, and exclude logs by filename, including wildcards.
  • It has a very small footprint.

You can find the package on packagist: