Course Build A CMS With Codeigniter published on Tutsplus

My Tutsplus course 'Build a CMS with Codeigniter' was published on Tutsplus today. Need to go about building your own custom CMS? Well, the course teaches you to do this very thing, using the popular CodeIgniter framework. If you’d like to take your skills to the next level, why don’t you join me?

If you are having trouble getting the CMS to work yourself, please check you own code against the code on Github:

If you've watched it please let me know what you think.

Here's the outline of the course.


  • Introduction

Layout The Foundations

  • Installing And Configuring Codeigniter
  • Setting Up The Base Controllers
  • Setting Up The Database Using Migrations
  • Setting Up The Base Model

The Admin Panel

  • Styling The Admin Panel
  • Creating The Login Form
  • Securing The Admin Panel
  • Managing Users Part 1
  • Managing Users Part 2
  • Managing Pages CRUD
  • Managing Pages Nesting
  • Creating An Ajax Gui To Order Nested Pages
  • Managing News Articles

The Frontend

  • Styling The Frontend
  • Creating The Navigation
  • Adding Templates To Pages
  • Creating The Homepage
  • Creating The News Archives
  • Creating The News Article Detail Page
  • Creating The Sidebar
  • Creating The Pages